"The Intellect has a Heart,
and the Heart has an Intellect."

- Pamela -

Dear remarkable sangha friends,


Let us gather to root each other and invite fear to rest within us and the group consciousness. Fear’s true nature is a healthy natural caution gifted to us by Life to ensure survival. Bowing to the well meaning intelligence in the news and government and the health organizations and even the intelligent essence of viruses. May all beings return to natural balance, heartfelt clear seeing, listening within and living as this courageous and unshakeable Oneness.Take care of each other and yourselves.

Much love, Pamela 

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Special Note, Pamela is featured in the new book:
The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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New Interview with Pamela!
Awareness Explorers Podcast - October 22, 2020
Awareness Explorers podcast has just posted Episode 68: "Pamela Wilson, Guest Explorer" with Jonathan Robinson and Brian Tom O'Connor.

 Pamela is featured in the new book from Science & Nonduality: 
On the Mystery of Being

Guided Meditation: The Heart Meditation
From the Mystics Lair online retreat - April 2018

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3 Part Online Retreat
The Heartfelt Sage: Bold, Brave, Clear and Strong
Hosted by Open Circle Center
Thursday December 16th, 2021 to Saturday December 18th, 2021
10:00am Pacific Time
When we gather and look into the essence of everything we are truly functioning as a Sage. Not being fooled by appearances or forms (except occasionally), we look deeper into the Nature of everything! Inviting it to know itself and return to its balanced naturalness and wisdom. As forest and mountain sages have lived for millennia, honoring nature and all animal and human beings equally, we also honor our inner wild beings, emotions, sensations and the body itself as wondrously wise and equal of and to the cosmos.
Join Pamela, Sara our Open Circle host and your fellow sages in being curious and listening within!