"The Intellect has a Heart,
and the Heart has an Intellect."

- Pamela -

Dear remarkable sangha friends,


Let us gather to root each other and invite fear to rest within us and the group consciousness. Fear’s true nature is a healthy natural caution gifted to us by Life to ensure survival. Bowing to the well meaning intelligence in the news and government and the health organizations and even the intelligent essence of viruses. May all beings return to natural balance, heartfelt clear seeing, listening within and living as this courageous and unshakeable Oneness.Take care of each other and yourselves.

Much love, Pamela 


Pamela is featured in the new book from Science & Nonduality: 
On the Mystery of Being

Guided Meditation: The Heart Meditation
From the Mystics Lair online retreat - April 2018

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Under 25s come to weekends for free.

Power to the Peaceful: 4 Part Online Retreat
Online Video Meetings Hosted by Open Circle Center
(Phone access also available)
Tuesdays & Thursdays: Sept. 29, Oct. 1, 6 & 8
10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Pacific Time

Event will be recorded and emailed to participants after each meeting.
You’re welcome to join even if you can’t attend all the live sessions.
Sliding Scale: $60 to $120
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Inner satsang uncontains and roots that which contracted to serve or protect. There is an energetic cost in maintaining conditioning, such an effort to contain and direct the flow of life and vastness! We all have noticed in relaxation everything unwinds and opens, allowing deeper breath, clarity, insights and rest. What may not have been noticed is that there is a transmission that spontaneously starts flowing from the heart and the body, and even from the eyes. Unseen but nevertheless powerful in its permeating presence.
Pamela is at her best in heart-felt dialogue, so please bring your questions!
Join Pamela and your fellow Sages!