Dear friends,
Pamela is grateful for all the loving donations after the loss of her home due to fire in October 2017.
She is still replacing needed furniture and will welcome your financial support with that. Thank you.


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Pamela is featured in the new book from Science & Nonduality: 
On the Mystery of Being

Guided Meditation: The Heart Meditation
From the Mystics Lair online retreat - April 2018

Under 25s come to weekends for free.

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2019 Science and Nonduality Conference
Pamela will be presenting two talks at the SAND Conference:
Being at its Best, Life Living itself
Sunday, October 27th
2:50PM to 3:10PM
Hayes Ballroom
Rooted and flowing with awareness and curiosity, each one of us has a steady genuine interest in the heart of the matter, within activity and about behavior. The root of the word friend and freedom is the same, a clue to function as compassion within and without. Our true nature already does function this way, welcoming everything equally. A constancy that meets the ever changing with a resilience born of clarity, love, mountain strength, eternality, timeless patience and a strong dose of humor. Like Noah's Ark, this one heart that we are, welcomes aboard the animals or polarities soothing and balancing them back to oneness. Joy and sorrow, freedom and bondage, ignorance and wisdom, tension and relaxation, hatred and love. All are resolved, dissolved and solved in the Stillness of the Heart. It is notable how wisdom can show us our true nature, but it is compassion, kindness and deep listening that liberate the body and mind from old fashioned services, the past and uncomfortable tendencies. Yes, wisdom, a felt sense of space and enough rootedness allow us to slow down and be with what is calling us. Rather than restlessly postponing or distracting ourselves. The unshakeble knowing that not everything is as it appears to be or only its function, allows for a respectful curiosity. A deeper listening, slowing down from doing to being and suddenly, there is a true meeting. Heart to Heart. What a pleasure to be truly intimate within, and with what is from moment to moment. Neither running from or towards. Freedom and love exploring itself, meeting itself. Free to be, free to love and be love. Luckily, no time is required for beingness to be. No effort needed to be still. No work required to rest!
The Reality of Self Love
Panel Meeting With: Maja Apolonia Rodé, Marlies Cocheret, Pamela Wilson, Sonya Bibilos, and Kristin Kirk
Sunday, October 27th
3:30PM to 4:30PM
Monterey Room
The Reality of Self Love
The lived reality of self-love is essential to the embodiment of nondual awareness. When we look beyond the idea that self-love is just about reinforcing a limited ego identification, we begin to see it as a multi-faceted, radiant gem of infinite worth. This gem, as a whole, is the very basis of the movement toward Truth, while its facets offer vital medicines that heal, awaken, and transform the mind, heart, and body. What are the facets of self-love? What role does self-love play in the field of nondual awakening and embodiment? How and when might an orientation toward self-love be a distraction from real clarity? Our panel will share their unique perspectives on the forms and functions of true self-love, how it shows up in our lived human experience, and how it is and becomes an endless embrace of One. Lovers of Truth and humanity, please join us for this beautiful, rich, and meaningful exploration.